Corporate Distress

Corporate distress is a state in which a corporate entity is unable to generate enough revenue or income to fulfil or pay its financial obligations. This is normally because of huge fixed costs, a high percentage of illiquid assets in the business, or revenue that is susceptible to economic downturns.

Ignoring the signals of corporate distress before they become too severe and out of control might be disastrous. There may come a moment when severe corporate distress cannot be alleviated because the company’s outstanding liabilities have become and grown too large to be repaid. If this occurs, bankruptcy may be the only option available.

Jimolda helps you to prevent bankruptcy and help you out in case you are there already. Take advantage of our bailout.


What is an FDI?
An investment into a foreign firm is considered an FDI if it establishes a lasting interest. A lasting interest is established when an investor obtains at least 10% of the voting power in a firm.
The key to foreign direct investment is the element of control. Control represents the intent to actively manage and influence a foreign firm’s operations. This is the major differentiating factor between FDI and a passive foreign portfolio investment.
You, as an investor, can make a foreign direct investment by investing largely into an existing company in Nigeria/Ghana or by starting a completely new one. We are willing to help you in this process to make it achievable.
We have all you need to achieve this
Our FDI options include:

-Mergers and acquisitions
-Joint ventures with a Nigerian or Ghanaian corporations
-Starting a subsidiary of a domestic firm in Nigerian or Ghanaian  



After the big threat posed by the COVID-19, many businesses have fallen into financial distress from which some have closed down and others are trying to find their feet. Such is not a pleasant situation any business should find itself in. In a situation like this, many businesses downsize as they are trying to remain in business, some businesses are being compelled into merging with other businesses, and some businesses do not even know what to do; they go down with the tide.
How does Jimolda help in a time like this?
In a time like this, provide a strong support to businesses under distress and assist them back to their feet. Our support can come in many forms to provide the resources needed for the business to survive and return back strongly. Our support may be in the form of a financial bailout or other methods required.
We have done this many times and we are not willing to stop any time soon. So, why not connect with this service today to save your business from the threat of liquidation.