Our Drive

Jimolda is driven by the passion for assisting local sellers who have good products but find it difficult to locate a foreign market where their products are found valuable. 

Jimolda, having seen the victims of a scam, we are also driven by the passion for helping foreign buyers locate good sellers who can be trusted with good products and can supply in large quantities. 

In our experience so far, we have engaged a lot of bad sellers, bad buyers, and a lot of scammers. But we could smell them from afar, we know them, and we keep our customers far away from them.
With us, YOU ARE SAFE.

About Jimolda

Independently and formally established in 2018, Jimolda International Company LLC has been the premiere agency to assist Nigerian and Ghanaian starters with their global sales, resource, logistic, and import & export needs. Alongside our highly qualified workforce, we believe our amassed relationships not only from our current clientele base, a growing network but also our experience, could be beneficial to any business with an interest to expand. 

There are local sellers in Nigeria and Ghana who are business-ready and are willing to supply good commodities, in large quantities, and with good sales conditions. Unfortunately, they do not know how to go about this. Most of these commodities are raw materials needed in other countries to produce other products or to be made into better products, having added value to them. 

There are numerous chances of missing out on a great deal or a business if the trader does not know the right buyers, right sellers, and the right market suitable for their commodities. The price negotiations and delays in the shipments & payments are also included in the challenges faced by them. 

So, Jimolda creates this bridge and closes the gap. We represent the buyers in the local market and we represent the seller in the foreign market. 

We go in person, beyond just creating a digital platform for buyers and sellers to meet.

Our Journey

Jimolda started as an imaginary company within the mind of the CEO, Mr. O. David Jimoh, who has a vast knowledge of international business management, a first-class degree holder in business management, and with good knowledge of digital marketing.
He, in partnership with a few friends, started a digital marketing business, which helped a lot of businesses get known on the internet. This business was successful until the partnership broke up to enable each member to start their personal business.
While still assisting businesses with their online marketing, the CEO had the opportunity to conduct research to know how businesses fall victim to scams trying to meet unknown buyers and unknown sellers online. This knowledge gave birth to the idea of helping foreign buyers to connect with reliable sellers in the local market and helping them with the inspection of products and payments.
Business is made out of this beautiful idea and it was registered as a functioning business, Jimolda International Company LLC (JIC). 
JIC has since then helped a lot of foreign buyers to locate a good seller who is reliable and ready for good business. Enjoy this service, we are available to serve you well.